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Enter the fascinating field of Gifted Education at UCF!

HERE you will be challenged to think far beyond the obvious: to generate new academic and intellectual adventures and discoveries; to learn about the advanced development of our most brilliant learners; to understand the nature of intelligences, multiple abilities and talents and how they can be nurtured; to gain insight into the lived experiences of high-ability and gifted learners; to infuse excellence with equity with inclusive schoolwide enrichment and acceleration for diverse and challenged populations; and to explore your own and your students creative productivity and make an impact on the world!!!

Dr. Jennifer Sanguiliano Lonski

UCF Gifted Education

Research Assistant Project ELEVATE

(above and below)


Saturdays April 3 and 10
Free and virtual!

World Council for Gifted and Talented Childen

24th Biennial Conference

August 1-5, 2021


National Association for Gifted Children Annual Convention
November, 2021
Denver, Colorado
Virtual components
Association for Educational Research
Annual Meeting
April 9-12, 2021
Virtual Conference

Gifted Education Program, Learning Sciences and Educational Research,

University of Central Florida

Administrative Website: https://ccie.ucf.edu/lser/gifted-education

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